Saturday, August 07, 2004


Mr. Super-Freak is dead.

A shame. He was always dissed as the poor-man's George Clinton, but I preferred him to Prince. I have fond memories of the morning after the (how can I put this discretely?) all-night lucid-dreaming session that cost Nick Ayling his professional rugby career in 1984...I left a living-room full of dozing slackers and part-time hedonists and lurched off up the pub with a Walkman full of Electro and Rick James.

In my addled state it sounded like the most forward-thinking, futuristic shit I'd ever heard.

Horrible to say, but I also kinda like the fact that he and his wife once kidnapped and tortured a record exec. while on crack.


At 2:33 am, Blogger Robert said...

yeah, he was too cool...deserved some kind of award for that lil escapade instead of the "troubled man" label he got stuck with...i always seen him as kind of self-realized :)

i liked him not because of his importance in music history or anything, but just cuz he was plain ol funky...the torturing the record exec while on crack just added to his mystique for me


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