Monday, August 23, 2004

THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM (and other remixes)

Hey. Nice to see Loki pick up on my (vague) Autechre/Graf Tags/30's Weird Fantasy intersections and run with them. But Lego Cthulhu? Fucking genius, mate.

Where I was going next (apart from bed) was this: Lovecraft as Godfather of Grime. Dense, Dark, Claustrophobic, Cloying.

Grime as a secretive, seductive, esoteric lifestyle-choice full of rituals, initiations, masters, mentors and acolytes...Cru = Sect, Coven, etc. Hooded figures gathering under crumbing Victorian railway arches, in the ruins of desanctified churches, deserted warehouses, etc. 'Old School' = Pre-Human History/The Old Ones. In Grime, arcane magickal formulae are rewritten as Pirate frequencies, catalogue numbers, BPMS and URLs. MC = 'Master of Cermonies'...The MC oversees the deliberate invocation of powerful primal forces; Male Earth Magick. Occult Sub-Oscillations: designed to hit the resonant frequency of different bodily organs and open the Chakras in a specific energise the body and mind; open it up to new information, new prepare it for possession...

Or: in other words:

"Wza-y'ei! Wza-y'ei! - 'OO ARE YA!?
Rhan-Tegoth! Cthulhu fthagn! - 'OO ARE YA!?
Ei! Ei! Ei! Ei! - 'OO ARE YA!?
Y'kaa haa bho! - 'OO ARE YA!?"

Apologies to Kano (I think...) but the specifics of the chant came from this:

Note: the lower case "and others" half-hidden in the book title. The story Horror in the Museum was actually written by Hazel Heald, not Lovecraft. Heald was one of a number of amateur & Small Press writers who corresponded with Lovecraft and regularly sent him manuscripts to correct and revise. Heald said of their collaborations that Lovercraft not only helped her with her stories, but actually rewrote entire paragraphs in his own style: "He would criticise paragraph after paragraph, putting pencil marks beside them, and then make me rewrite them until they pleased him..." He did far more to her later stories; in fact, he rewrote them completely until they effectively became his own, retaining only the original plot...

Lovecraft was, in fact, peforming occult literary remixes.

And this anthology consists entirely of short stories that MC HP reworked in his own particular stylee: Droppin' some serious Old School (weird) Science...mixin' in some Dark Cthulhu Mythos Flavas where the names of his ancient entities are built up from phonetic 'molecules'; larval sound-forms designed to drive a man insane, or, more likely, to rewire allow him to interface with new paradigms and accept alien viral data from Beyond...

Reading Lovecraft and CAS (As opposed to MES? No, him as well, sometimes...) deconditions yr mind; reprograms it to accept Pre-Visual (or rather, Pre-Televisual) concepts: "It was too alien to imagine..." is always a favourite, as if these entities somehow existed beyond sight, beyond the they predate and therefore cannot be defined or described by the 21st Century Commodity-Mediasphere. They exist only in the realm of Lovecraft's words; like a magician, he controls them, brings them to he, I wonder, hinting at the existence of life-forms constructed entirely from language (ones created by him, perhaps)...are his 'demons' actually meta-linguistic constructs...'sentient' concepts that existed in his stories as sound-seeds and are now finally taking root in us, all these years later...language aggregates designed to induce specific behavioural memes in us, the host-forms?

Might this not be some alien form of reproduction?

In fact, aren't we constantly reproducing Lovecraft's word-entities...these vowel-less creations of his are breeding on our message-boards, discussion-groups and forums; they're phonetically recombining themselves as Graf Tags and as track titles on Autechre LPs; they're infecting our compilation CD-Rs and i-PODS? And aren't we now unintentionally growing and streamlining fast-breeder variants using c++ and Javascript, sending them round the world as Cthulhuthic Spam?

Let there be Life.

And there was.


At 12:12 am, Blogger simon silverdollar aka Fassy Breed said...

the 'oo are ya?' grime chant is from jookie mundo, from east co, by the way...
one of my favourites.

At 12:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers, Simon! (Witness and tremble, O foolish mortals, for one glorious moment there, you were in the presence of a true Master and Scholar in the Un-Church of Grime...)


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