Saturday, August 07, 2004


Feeling some serious Grime Pressure right now!

Some killer G-Twelves finally arrived in Yeovil - mainly white big up Yeovil Grime Cru in the area! Well, me and Chris Lowe, mainly. (No not that Chris Lowe) There isn't anyone else. Most people round here think I've made it up. "Grime? Whassat then? Bog cleaner, izzit?" Had a similar problem during Acid House.

Thanks to Chris and Grime Girl (Bill) for coming through for me.

Bill has quite sensibly relocated to London now and is having a whale of time. She says: "Hi Kek...Yeah, went to a fantastic Grime Night. First real experience of Grime other than playing the "grime" album at work. The night was at the Electroworx, a small backstreet club behind Angel station. The main men of the night were Plasticman and Mark One... the others I am guessing were residents! But all kept a steady pace throughout the night. The dance floor went crazy for Plasticman! (even I danced, which is quite a rare thing!!) I think the club was the ideal venue...very, excuse the pun, Grimey. By day it is used for paint-balling and Quazar! Definitely be attending another night as I have a new found love for Grime music."

Sounds like a damn good idea to me.

I love it down here...I'd wouldn't move if they paid me. But our youngest is currently 4 months old, so a record-buying Woebot-style sortie to London is currently out of the question. Ditto: an overnight visit to a club. Can't get the pirates down here. And, no broadband for downloads.

To be honest, these twelves are a life-line for me. A fleeting glimpse of a scene that will probably be long-gone by the time I'm able to physically experience it. I gotta say: I'm fucking loving these records...playing them half-a-dozen times in a row each...savouring the sensation, draining them dry. It's been a while since I've done that. It's extremely frustrating (and embarrassing) to me to have come to this so late in the game, but maybe the obstacles and the waiting have fired up my imagination and added to my pleasure.

Now, where I can get hold some of the stuff I've missed?


At 10:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey m8!

drop us your address and i'll cc you my GRIME04CD.



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