Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Found this in Weston-Super-Mare today. I fucking love the MCG/MIGHTY COMICS GROUP 60's stuff...their comics are so totally fucking retarded and I mean that in a great way. Paul Reinman drew vitually everything they published and it took me many, many years to come to terms with his style, but I love it's messy & inky; real hack-work...the complete antithesis of all that slick 'n' vacuous Post Jim Lee crap, or the reductionist Amerimanga so beloved of contempo Sk8-kids...Reinman's figures are so disjointed and awkwardly posed that it's like some weird production-line form of Art Brut. Imagine how wonderful that would be: commercially-available, mass-produced Outsider-Art comics drawn by autistics and written by schizophrenics. This comes close.

Fly-Man was written by Jerry Siegel, one of the co-creators of Superman. No doubt, he was trying to parody Stan Lee's faux, folksy hipster-isms in an attempt to muscle in on Marvel's Mid-Sixties market-share (sorry about the accidental alliteration...Stan the Man's spirit rode me for a second then, like a Voodoo Loa...). But Siegel just comes off as weird, awkward and otherworldly: imagine if Grandad accidentally ate your stash of shrooms...

Sample dialogue: " Ya-Ha- ha! My reptile-car easily outdistances those pursuing police-cars!"

or: "Away from your suds, dish-massager!"

or: "Gaaa! He's blinding us with the brilliance of a thousand fire-flies!"

or: "Some people enjoy strolling in the park...I like walking up walls."

or even: "Howling Hootenanies! He's whisking out of that steel framework like some kind of tenuous astral entity...!"

Grant Morrison should quit while he's ahead: Siegel's overheated dialogue is the Real's just not possible to contrive such genius. You're either born with it or, uh, not. Unsurprisingly, Mighty Comics only lasted from about '65 to '67, but in those few years they left a towering legacy of strangeness that can still be savoured by connoisseurs today.

"The Gloater" Heh.


At 10:10 pm, Blogger Martin said...

Those are the best comic quotes I've ever seen


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