Wednesday, August 25, 2004


An unused Black Dice interview from earlier in the year...

April 04: Brooklyn-based sound-surgeons Black Dice are in town, road-testing tracks from their new LP Creature Comforts. On stage, things are getting strange: Eric Copeland and Aaron Warren are skanking behind their customised mixing-desks, pumping echo-plexed Ohmmmm-sounds and mangled tribal drums through an array of sound-processors. Guitarist Bjorn Copeland stamps on an ancient effects-pedal and a tsunami-sized wave of noise surges into life and breaks over the audience. It sounds like his guitar is melting.

The band prefers to use antiquated FX-boxes. Is that why their music is so warm and engaging? "Our sound is very open-ended," says Bjorn a couple days later, chilling with his band-mates en route to ATP, "It’s organic…kinda electro-accoustic, I guess, with some non-musical elements. The way we make music is totally different to how an electronic band might construct tracks. We’ve never felt pressure to conform to any specific musical scene or sound. It’s too limiting…"

Black Dice formed 8 years ago, taking their name from a New York street-gang. Initially, they played pure, abstract noise, but somewhere along the way, they cross-pollinated with the NY art-scene and ended up playing to plants inside a greenhouse at Peter Coffin’s Perfect If On exhibition. Last year’s Beaches and Canyons LP found them blossoming and maturing into a rare, exotic musical hybrid. "We’ve evolved organically," says Bjorn, "learned to structure stuff so it builds and climaxes better. The new album has far more layers and textures. It’s our best stuff yet."

Their music is emotionally evocative; it has a strong ‘visual’ feel. Have they considered recording a film soundtrack? "Yeah, we’d be really interested in that. We’ve done stuff for some small films. For friends, mainly…" laughs Bjorn, "but it would be great to hook up with a heavyweight director. So if anyone’s out there reading this…"


At 5:55 am, Anonymous jack the leviathan said...

they put it perfect when they said that their sound was organic.Black Dice creates an imaginitve space and uses so much passion. if they were going to produce with a movie i think it would have to be very symbolic, but they would know how to aproach it way better than i do. black dice is an inspiring, beautiful band. if they did a movie it would be so evokative and i hope they get a chance to tour somewhere in florida, i would drive anywhere to see them

At 7:36 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Yeah, they're def. worth checking live, Jack; I was fortunate enough to see them on the same bill as Boredoms and Lightning Bolt...they made for great mid-evening mental contast sandwhiched between two drum-orientated groups.


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