Saturday, July 24, 2004


Some random observations about the Born to Rock couple below:
(a) They are wearing what appears to be fox-hunting headwear. Presumably, full-face helmets would obscure their finely-chiselled good looks, thus stopping them from getting Catalogue Modelling work. A word of caution: Polo helmets (or whatever they are) will not give you much protection in a head-on collision. Unless it's with a Royal.
(b) The bloke is wearing a singlet. How very Morrissey. Again, not much cop if you're side-swiped by a Ford Transit.
(c) I sure hope they really are in America, Land of the Free, because they're riding on the right-hand side of the road. Or maybe they're deliberately driving to their laughing in the face of the Reaper (Hmm. Maybe Blue Oyster Cult should've been on the comp.) as they gun their bike towards an on-coming milk-float. A truly heroic Rock Death: "Don' wanna live when I'm Twenny-five...speed jive..." "Oh, noooo, no: you're a rock 'n' Roll Suicide..." etc. Shit, you can get sued for singing stuff like that now. Oh, wow...I just thought: Uh, maybe, it's like Psychomania; you know, where those satanic bikers deliberately killed themselves by driving off of buildings and stuff, 'cause they knew they were comin' back and then they'd have a really cool soundtrack by John Cameron and Frog and nobody will be able to stop them.
(d) Chris' theory is that they're parked in a photographic studio, facing a wind-machine. I reckon she could be right: maybe someone's photoshopped out the bike-stand and pasted-in a picture of the Norfolk Broads. Photoshopped? Good Lord, is that a verb now, too? Oh well, if Morrissey can be an adjective...
    rrrRRight: so, what's the soundtrack to your weekend rebellion.


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