Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Anyone out there heard the Skinnyman LP yet? I confess I haven't, but I was curious what people thought...I saw the documentary on BBC3/4 a few months back and found it very interesting. I confess I'm fascinated by the details & minutae of the Music 'Biz' and I'll watch anything like that regardless of whether I like the act or not. All the stuff about towerblock Pirate Stations, dubplates, clashes and putting out twelves on hopelessly obscure labels was addictive viewing...but it could have been about Fleetwood Mac (FM-FM: A Pirate that only plays dubs of 'Tusk'...?) or Scritti Politti, for all I cared. I'm a tragic case when it comes to TV Rockumentaries. As for Skinnyman, well, there's no doubting that he's 4-Real, but like a lot of UK stuff, the beats were more interesting to me than the actual lyrical content/delivery.
Believe it or not, we actually ran a Pirate Station (Shockwave!) in Yeovil 5 or 6 years ago; one that had to be heard to believed. (Well, you couldn't actually hear it, not unless you lived within a 5 mile radius. Taxi radios used to interfere with broadcasts: "Yeoman 7! Yeoman 7! Pick up in The Borough, name of Parker..." always mixed nicely with some King Tubby or Neu! I thought) The 'studio' was a windowless bunker in an old Victorian warehouse and the station had nothing even faintly resembling a musical policy...but, to its credit, it did have a huge 50-gallon metal drum that people used to piss in and never empty. Eventually the drum filled up to the brim...I don't envy the contractors who came in and eventually tore down the building when it was condemned. Ah, those were the days.


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