Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Busy as fuck right now. Seem to have accidentally volunteered myself to do a live performance as Kid Shirt at The Quicksilver on 30th July. Me and my big mouth, eh?
Haven’t played live since the Orchestra of Doom debacle back in, what….’96? ’97?…back before I got seriously ill with the mercury poisoning thing. But I've managed to DJ on a couple occasions in the last year and my health held up, so, in theory, this should be okay. It’s only for about 10 minutes and I’ll dump most of the music onto CD. Fingers crossed…
Started work on the track over the weekend…first music programming I’ve done for over a year, so I’m a bit rusty with CoolEdit and CuBase Vst, but the Casio SK1 has just been dusted off and used for some nice trashy 8-bit samples…I'm gonna be performing a cover of an old Sarah and The Chesterfields song from the Early Eighties (pre the C86 Indie Revolution. Remember that?) Kinda ironic doing a fucked-up digital version of a 20-year old Pre-Indie song, but Dave Goldsworthy would've dug it, I'm sure. Well, I hope so, 'cause this is meant as an affectionate tribute to the great man himself.
I’m aiming for a kind of Quasi-Evil Magician vibe with the performance; hopefully rocking an Old School Cape & False Beard look for the gig…a kind of skinny-ass version of the Orson Welles Sandeman Port character from the Seventies. I was in the garage last night recording a vocal talk-over section onto my old Tascam 4-Track, but the tape-recorder is no longer up to the job and may have to be pensioned off. Chris and Baby Shirt caught me practising some corny sub-Stan Lee dialogue, so, in the end, I retreated indoors and did it Inna Digi-tal Stlyee. Much easier and quicker, but you can’t beat recording in a garage or garden-shed for that whole total punk rock experience. Somewhere along the way, though, I accidentally pitched my voice up rather than down…but it seemed to work pretty well…I sounded more like a hapless charlatan or a villain from Scooby-Doo than a full-on evil mesmerist. Should be pretty funny though, if I can pull it off.
I haven’t heard the song in 20 years, but amazingly I can still remember the melody-line and some of the chorus vocals…I’ve deliberately not listened to the original so that I can do it as a sort of hazy, half-remembered, amnesiac type thing rather than worrying about being historically accurate. It says a lot about Dave Goldsworthy’s talent as a song-writer that an old, non-musical git like myself can actually remember parts of one of his songs twenty years after hearing it a couple times half-pissed in a skittle alley….


At 3:49 pm, Blogger HILLY said...

Hi Kek,digging the beard and cape shit,Bun would have approved.Sorry to hear about your illness but good news about Kek junior etc.The Butchers scene seems light years ago and sometimes makes me sad ,i dont suppose you can go that high for free.Love,as then HORSE X


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