Friday, June 18, 2004


Yep, and here's a photo-reconstruct I did of Leafcutter John, originally intended for a magazine interview that we never quite got round to doing. John reckoned the picture was a bit too "Richard D James" so we decided not to use it; hopefully he won't mind me posting it here before I digitally bin it. John makes seriously fucked-up music but with heart and soul. One of his tracks, I told him, reminded me of "a frenchman being chased by metal railings and a manhole cover"; another sounded like "a swarm of square-wheeled cyclists pursuing a digitised ice-cream van". But some of it is mournful and the end-credits to a Surrealist children's TV program. Women love his stuff; I guess because it sounds warm and vulnerable and has a wide emotional palette. In terms of programming, it's virtuoso stuff: sometimes frenzied, sometimes frail. Okay, so he's made a track from a sampled woman's breast-pump but he knows when to rein it in. He's a groovy geezer. C-c-c-c-c check out for more info about Leafcutter and his modern adventures in electroaccoustic music.


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