Saturday, June 19, 2004


ManWoman is a Canadian artist and Swastika Redeemer. He's not a Nazi or an anti-Semite; he's a deeply spiritual man whose life-long mission is to resanctify the swastika as a holy symbol as used by the Buddhists and Hindus. He recently sent me this picture (above) along with some jpegs of his swastika tats; it's subtitled "Death does Hollywood". MW likes to dress up as a character called Mr. Death at his gallery openings, and on AIDS marches, etc. Is he the 5th member of The Residents, I wonder. It was taken at The Clown Room on Hollywood Boulevard, LA. The girl on the left, he tells me, somewhat poignantly, has subsequently died from AIDS.


At 5:56 am, Anonymous Jacob Hayman said...

fifth member of the residents! haha!


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